50 x 50: Recovering the Classics Design-a-Thon

Recovering the Classics is part of a national organization attempting to organize 50 of these "Design-a-thon" events in 50 states by the summer of 2017. Fifty covers from over 120 students  were selected to be exhibited in the main Tattered Cover store on east Colfax, right across from East High School. The main branch of the Denver Public Library also chose 50 covers from the show that were on display during the months of January and February. It was such an honor to have my student's work on display at so many popular and renowned locations throughout Denver!


Graphic Design students randomly drew a Classic Book from a hat in which they had to redesign and reinterpret. Students began their research by creating a “Mood Board” which included important information about the novel such as characters, plot, setting, etc. They also gathered imagery to further enhance their inspiration and design process. Students designed two different cover variations. After students finished their “Classic Book” cover design, they were encouraged to design a new cover for a book of their choice.

Students were taught different digital techniques to manipulate their images and transform their covers into something new and original. They explored the elements of art and design through image manipulation, typography, and composition in their book covers.