SnapChat Linoleum Block Prints

High School Students

Students were instantly inspired by the popular phone app SnapChat for the basis of their art making. The app, which is used by 70% of millennials, allows you to send videos and pictures to friends which disappear after 10 seconds. Snapchat’s facial recognition allows users to apply various filters to their own face; which is something teenagers love to do. Some filters warp, stretch, and squish the face in a funny way, while others will apply animal ears or a pair of glasses, etc.

Students applied a SnapChat face filter to their own face, and then created a linoleum block print from their image. Students learned about positive and negative space and had to carefully plan out what areas would be carved away. Carving from a linoleum block and thinking in reverse was a new and challenging experience for most students. Once their block was finished, they created several prints to be displayed together as a series.

Student Work