Snap Chat Colored Pencil Portraits

High School Students

What happens when you combine the popular phone app SnapChat with Pop-Art? Amazing, bright, colorful, and culturally relevant self portraits! Students learned about the contemporary artist Chuck Close, who uses the grid technique to achieve accurate proportions when enlarging his drawings. Students applied one of the many SnapChat filters to their face and then enlarged their image by using a gird  on a large piece of paper. 

Students made sure their ruler measurements were accurate so that their drawing maintained correct proportions. The grid helped students in capturing the true “likeness” of their face. It helps students see exactly how large their eyes are, how long their nose is, and how wide their face is etc. The grid allows students to view their artwork in “small chunks” which can be less intimidating to draw.

We then looked at the work of Romero Britto, Dean Russo, and Andy Warhol for Pop-art style inspiration. These artists use bright colors, simplified facial features, and bold lines in their work. Students looked closely at the highlights, mid tones and shadows of their face and chose a color palette to represent those values. Students used their choice of oil pastels, colored pencils, sharpies, and watercolor to create their snap chat pop art portrait.

Artist Inspiration

Student Work