Superhero Self Portraits

Second Grade

This multi-media, multi-step, colorful project was a huge hit with Second grade. First, I read the book "The Colors of Us" by Karen Katz. On different pages of the book, I had students raise their hand if they thought their skin was like chocolate, cinnamon, peach, etc. We had a discussion about how even though some people are called “white” their skin is actually peach or tan and while some people are called “black” their skin can be different shades of brown like coco or coffee. This discussion was a great exercise in character building and cultural awareness for my students. After the book, students were excited to paint their skin color and one student announced, "I'm going to make the color chocolate, just like me!" To create their unique skin color tone, students were given red, yellow, brown, orange, white and black. We talked about the various flesh colors in the book and how the young girl in the book created each one. Then the kids put that knowledge to work and painted a sheet of paper that was their flesh color. 

Students used mod-podge and tissue paper to create their colorful tiled background. They traced and cut a super hero mask shape, cut out a head from their painted skin color paper, and starting collaging all of their components together. Some students even added a personal super hero logo on their shirt! Lastly, the kids went to town with GLITTER. You give a 2nd grader the chance to use glitter, and they don't hold back.

Student Work